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Do you think that the Obama birth certificate hoax and other politicized theories have the same sort of half-life that the JFK theory has — will we still be talking about it 50 years from now?

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Or do these things have a tendency to fade away? For Obama, the question of his birth certificate was a really big deal at the time when he was first running for office and then for reelection.

It seems to be fairly politicized. It seems to be a pretty reliable finding that one of the reasons we entertain conspiracy theories is because we have this bias built into our minds.

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We just assume that any kind of ambiguous event has some purpose behind it. Somebody wanted it to happen or somebody made it happen. There was almost no evidence, apart from what happened.

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It left a complete informational void, which we could fill in with our own kind of biases. Project what we want to believe onto it.

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So I think in that case the intentionality bias might have played a particularly important role. And rather than just assuming it was an accident or malfunction or something like that, we are drawn to assuming that somebody wanted it to happen. Putting this in context of the big theme of your book, how do we get away from the idea that conspiracy theorists are crazy?

They also paint in terms of black and white as well, which is one of the things I cover in the book.

Trump and the Truth: Conspiracy Theories

Which is what conspiracy theories do, they paint the world in black and white, in terms of good versus evil. And I think both views of the world are equally mistaken. I think the world is much more gray than that.

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The JFK Assassination - What Really Happened?

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