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You can also monitor key aspects such as engine oil and the overall health of your vehicle. Your fleet managers will be able to access the data from anywhere on mobiles, tablets and laptops. Besides, the software can send timely notifications in case of accidents and other mishaps so that you can take the necessary steps. In case of untoward incidents, you can provide direct assistance and support to your drivers.

GPS fleet management systems can also help you implement two-way communication between drivers and fleet managers. Further, it will also reduce dispatch inaccuracies. Fuel Usage Tracking. Smart Waste Management. Become Our Team. Join US Now. General Manager.

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This will involve ensuring that the right vehicles and items of plant are available for specific tasks, and that field teams have access to the resources they need. All of the regulatory and reporting aspects of managing vehicles need to be considered.

Simplifying GPS Fleet Tracking

Each of these depends on accurate and timely reporting from the vehicle pool or remote job sites to meet reporting deadlines. You will also have key responsibilities around vehicle and diver safety, with duty-of-care obligations that make you personally responsible for a range of factors beyond simply making sure that your vehicles are safe and meet legislative requirements. Achieving cost savings, whether through fuel cost reductions or by transitioning some of the fleet to electric vehicles, could also be a prime consideration in your reporting.

How do you identify where the savings can be found, which vehicles are underutilised, is the fleet mix maximising the return on investment? As a Fleet Manager, you are faced with a daunting checklist of constantly evolving tasks, and the only way to confidently address everything is to capture data on a real-time basis, and then present the insights gained in clear, applicable, and actionable reporting.

Smartrak delivers real-time reporting on the location of fleet vehicles, alongside insights such as geofences and other key points of interest to productively manage your resources. This in-depth visibility empowers you with the tools to improve task planning, and the insights for more cogent decision making.

Furthermore, these capabilities are available to you regardless of whether you rely on a cellular or satellite network. Our commitment to extending the operational and safety benefits of our technologies into every deployment is delivering absolute confidence across a wide spectrum of requirements, irrespective of the location. Vehicle tracking anywhere, anytime is a key requirement in gaining the improved insights you need. Are the right vehicles being used for various tasks?

Could fuel bills be reduced with better journey planning or more effective vehicle utilisation? Are your drivers spending unsafe hours behind the wheel? Garmin A productivity tool that offers genuine benefits, both in and out of the vehicle. Fuel Tax Credits Businesses can claim fuel tax credits FTC for fuel used in machinery, plant, equipment, heavy vehicles and light vehicles travelling off public roads.

Single Sign On Log on once and gain entry into several applications. Mobile Forms Real-time data upload automates the capture, collection, and sharing of information, eliminating manual data entry.

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Fringe Benefits Tax Streamline your financial and compliance processes. Permissions Management Ensure people can only see the information that is relevant for them to do their jobs. Reporting Leverage your data and business intelligence to effectively monitor and report based off your business needs.

The management of your fleet will be more streamlined and simplified using Smartrak. Our solutions reduce the administration time and costs associated with regulatory compliance, such as FBT reporting, and fuel tax credit calculations , by automating the collection and reporting of relevant data.

Fleet Management Solutions

A global pioneer of innovative software and SaaS fleet management solutions, Omnitracs serves the transportation industry. This fleet management and tracking software increases productivity, reduces wasted miles, and improves safety while helping businesses retain drivers. Fleet managers and their companies have full control and full access from anywhere with US Fleet Tracking, a system with unmatched functionality.

This fleet tracking software combines cutting-edge technology with an easy-to-use application to provide organizations with the tools required to easily manage any size fleet. Telogis Fleet Management Software Telogis. Telogis Fleet is scalable and designed to integrate with every facet of business including logistics, maintenance, payroll, and dispatch.

NexTraq NexTraq. A leading provider of an easy-to-use, comprehensive GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solution, NexTraq offers solutions for small fleets up to 20 vehicles, medium fleets up to vehicles, and large fleets of more than vehicles. NexTraq Fleet is designed for reliability and ease of use, in addition to being cloud-based to deliver the most pertinent information to you while decreasing your overhead costs and maximizing your revenue.

Rhino Fleet Tracking RhinoFleets. Rhino Fleet Tracking delivers affordable fleet tracking devices and services in order to assist businesses in increasing revenue.

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Their fleet and asset tracking solution provides real-time fleet tracking and gives businesses the ability to easily monitor vehicles and equipment. It also makes it possible for drivers, managers, and staff to improve their communication and, in turn, increase profits while maintaining a high level of security. Linxup Fleet Tracking linxuptracking. Their GPS fleet tracking solution is suited for fleets of any size and improves fleet performance while greatly reducing operating costs.

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NetTrack TrackYourTruck. This fleet tracking software is designed for small to medium-sized businesses and enables them to pay only for the features they need to use. BrickHouse Security specializes in security, surveillance, and personal protection, which is why their GPS fleet tracking software is so effective. Verizon Networkfleet Networkfleet.

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From Verizon, Networkfleet provides affordable fleet management solutions for lowering costs, boosting productivity, and operating fleets more efficiently. Networkfleet is available as three solutions so you can choose the solution that best suits your fleet tracking needs: Expressfleet for basic management of 5 or fewer vehicles, Fleetmatics for small- and medium-sized businesses looking for improved real-time visibility, and Telogis for integrated fleet and mobile resource management.

Fleetmatics enables companies to make quick decisions, reduce costs, and increase revenue with their fleet tracking software solution. This fleet tracking and management software solution aids in reducing business posts, increasing your profits, and maintaining regulatory compliance. AwareGPS makes fleet tracking simple while improving efficiency, reducing costs, and improving service.

Their fleet tracking solution helps companies track employees and take a look into how they utilize your assets and vehicles. Zubie Fleet Tracking GoZubie. Zubie makes driving safer, easier, and less expensive. Their fleet tracking solution delivers inexpensive GPS tracking includes location tracking, vehicle health, and driver reports. Element Fleet Telematics ElementFleet. Element Fleet Management is a leading global fleet management company that offers management services and financing for vehicle and equipment fleets.

Their Fleet Telematics delivers end-to-end telematics solutions to improve fleet performance. Fleet Trax Fleettrax. Fleet Trax offers fleet tracking without contracts. Their experience spans more than a decade and delivers GPS tracking systems to all types and sizes of businesses, along with ongoing training and technical support.

Phantom Insight Fleet Tracking System. Phantom Insight Fleet Tracking System is a premier fleet tracking system and service that includes a wide range of features to help companies optimize theirs. The real-time tracking with Phantom makes exact routes known and helps companies beat the competition with improved customer service. Samsara offers internet-connected sensors and GPS fleet tracking to improve compliance, safety, efficiency, and customer service. Get real-time location using the Helicopter View to track your cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, and specialized vehicles.

CometFleet Actsoft.

CometFleet by Actsoft connects your company and tracks your fleet with unparalleled accuracy. This fleet tracking software enables you to send employees and workers to sites with the tools needed to improve routing, reduce downtime, and minimize costs. GPS Trackit gpstrackit. Their premium GPS fleet tracking software features live support, mobile access, online collaboration, and scheduling to ensure an interconnected fleet. This web-based fleet management software includes maintenance, tracking, and driver safety monitoring to help you reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your fleet. With an eye toward efficiency, RTA Fleet tracks vehicle data and improves preventive maintenance, parts tracking, warranty recovery, budgeting, and more. Chevin Fleet Solutions offers fleet and asset management software. Their Fleet Management System for Enterprises is a completely integrated fleet management system for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance for your fleet operation.

Fleet Maintenance Pro. Fleet Maintenance Pro makes managing the maintenance of your fleet easy. It includes solutions for fleet inventory tracking, preventive maintenance, repair maintenance, history recording, flexible reporting, work orders, parts inventory, and fuel tracking. A recognized pioneer and leading provider of intuitive fleet maintenance management software solutions for the surface transportation industry, Dossier Systems offers its fleet management software for private fleet.

Dossier automates control and administration and utilizes real-time data to increase productivity and minimize costs through customizable reports. Vinity Soft Fleet Management Software 4.

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A software development company specializing in business software solutions, Vinity Soft offers Fleet Management Software 4.