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By , the registries will be merged with the European Union system to give access to authorities in the bloc. In , financial-services businesses will be given access in order to help them do their due diligence. And in , Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man will table legislation to open the registries to the public. Like Bermuda, the Dependencies already allow access to the records to overseas authorities who make a request. In the UK, beneficial ownership records are public and anyone who owns 25 per cent or more of a company is named. Britain will issue an Order in Council in December , requiring the Overseas Territories to establish public registers.

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The Bermuda Government has argued such an order would breach the Bermuda Constitution. Our clients also recognize the importance of adhering to evolving international standards. So it is key to us that Guernsey maintains confidentiality while it is the international norm. We all accept that if standards change such that publicly accessible registers become the norm, then we must change in line with that.

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There were real and justifiable reasons why beneficial ownership registers were private. These structures and companies are ordinarily not private for tax-driven reasons, contrary to what the groups lobbying for this public register claim. I think the real crux of this is quite simple. Richard Drabble, QC, told the court that Bermudian-born Michael Barbosa cannot apply for Bermudian status because he was born on the island to non-Bermudian parents.

It puts beyond doubt that all those in the list are belongers and have the rights contained in the section.

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The language of The language is one of deeming, which brings people in. Courts in Bermuda heard that Mr Barbosa was born in Bermuda to non-Bermudian parents in and is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by birth. He was granted British Overseas Territories citizenship in and given indefinite leave to remain in Bermuda in Lawyer Peter Sanderson argued at the time that Mr Barbosa belongs to Bermuda on the basis of common law.

He said Section The constitutional principles that we have to apply are that Section 11 as a whole should not be construed in a way that cuts down the rights granted in Chapter 1 of the Constitution unless the language explicitly produces that result. Our best estimate is some people are in roughly the same circumstances and at least potentially the beneficiaries of a ruling on the section.

That is really that. The applicant, Michael Barbosa, will argue that parts of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act discriminate on the basis of place of origin. It could also impact on around to children who were born in Bermuda after and lived here for the first ten years of their life.

These children are able to register as British Overseas Territories Citizens, but in many cases have no pathway to status. Bizarrely, the same is not the case for somebody who was born as a British Overseas Territories citizen.

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Mr Sanderson argued at the time that Mr Barbosa belongs to Bermuda on the basis of common law. Puisne Justice Stephen Hellman found in favour of Mr Barbosa, ruled that he belonged to Bermuda and that he had been discriminated against. Mr Justice Hellman also granted Mr Barbosa the option to apply to the courts for a remedy if the Bermuda Government did not provide a legal remedy before the end of the parliamentary session.

The judgment was believed to clear the way for other British Overseas Territory citizens to apply for Bermudian status. I do not agree with Mr Justice Hellman that the list is not exhaustive. Unfortunately, persons such as the respondent who was born in Bermuda of parents who did not have Bermudian status were not part of that list. June 8. He was joined by Delano Ingham for services to broadcasting; Patricia Petty for services to sport and triathlon; and Muriel Richardson for services to tourism. Each has made a very valuable contribution to the community in their respective fields and their achievements should be rightly celebrated.

He assisted with the band in administrative roles, played a key role in recruiting and retaining members, and served as coach and mentor to band members. He was named Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year in for his engagement with the community. He was also recognized for his work in producing the Bermuda Tattoo the same year. He became managing director in and later served as operations manager and chief engineer at ZBM until his retirement in Mr Ingham assisted victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi in September and was recognized for his volunteer work at WindReach Recreational Village and for his work in prison ministry.

Ms Petty has been a dedicated volunteer at triathlons for the past 38 years. She was a founding member of the Bermuda Triathlon Association in and has served in numerous capacities including team manager for more than 23 international triathlon events between and , including the World Championships, Commonwealth Games, Olympics and Pan Am Games.

Ms Petty served as a technical official for the International Triathlon Union, the world governing body for the sport, between and She was the only ITU-qualified technical officer in Bermuda when she organised the first official training scheme in That clinic qualified 16 officials in preparation for the Continental Cup held in Bermuda in and the World Triathlon Series event in Ms Richardson retired as general manager of the award-winning Rosedon Hotel in after 37 years of service.

She was one of the few woman Bermudian hotel managers and was the first female Hotelier of the Year and the only woman president of the Bermuda Hotel Association. Ms Richardson was a founding board member of the Investors in People Programme in Bermuda, a founding member of the Bermuda Employment Tribunal, served as a member of the Employee Assistance Programme and still serves as a director on the board of Bermuda Press Holdings Limited.

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Mr Wright retired as deputy commissioner late last year. During his 40 years of police service, 34 of which were in Bermuda, he helped to modernize the management of the Bermuda Police Service and the methods for tackling the threat of gang and drug violence in Bermuda. June 5. Gitanjali Gutierrez, the information commissioner, said the Bermuda Monetary Authority was right to refuse The Royal Gazette access to the register after a public access to information request was made in February The BMA denied the request on the grounds that the secrecy provision in section 31 1 of the Bermuda Monetary Authority Act prohibited disclosure.

The commissioner said the Pati Act allowed records to be withheld if their disclosure was prohibited by other legislation. She added public authorities did not have to weigh up whether there was a public interest in release of the records in such cases. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament recommended this year that Britain should order all its Overseas Territories to make their beneficial ownership registers public.

The public in the UK and elsewhere have a right to see beneficial ownership information and we are calling on the Foreign Secretary to lay out plans for achieving this. May A British MP with family ties to Bermuda has called on the island to tackle its fears over same-sex marriage and give gay couples the right to marry.

Commons Diary: Gillian Keegan

Gillian Keegan, whose husband, Michael, is descended from the Gosling rum family, told The Royal Gazette the United Kingdom should not have to force Bermuda to introduce marriage equality, in line with a recommendation in a report from the British parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee. I am proud that it was a Conservative prime minister who put same-sex marriage on the statute book, but, as many colleagues have said, there is much to be done in the wider Commonwealth countries.

I was particularly disappointed to see what was happening in Bermuda, which still seems to have a problem with LGBT rights. A legal challenge was brought against the Act and then Chief Justice Ian Kawaley ruled in May last year that the parts of the legislation that restricted marriage to opposite-sex couples were against the Constitution. The Court of Appeal upheld his decision in November and same-sex marriages were once again allowed to take place. But the Government has said it would appeal to the Privy Council in London. Ms Keegan said in a phone interview that she and her husband, whose grandmother Armine Gosling was Bermudian, visited Bermuda fairly regularly but had only recently discovered, through research on LGBT rights, how the island had seesawed on the question.

We have a sort of natural interest. During our research, we were very disappointed to see that in Bermuda they passed an Act to remove the right of same-sex couples to marry. It surprised us, from what we knew about Bermuda. We thought it would be a little bit more enlightened than that. A massive logistics ship has been loaded with Royal Bermuda Regiment trucks and equipment headed for a major disaster relief exercise in the Caribbean.

Mounts Bay will also act as the hurricane relief ship and carry out drug interdiction patrols in the Caribbean region and Bermuda over the hurricane season, which runs from June to the end of November. I gave an intelligence safety brief to the helicopter pilots on hard and soft landing sites around the island. If the need arises. I also wanted to make sure our standard operating procedures were up to date for ground troops supervising helicopter landings. And whenever we have to do an operation together, we have already been introduced and will be able to integrate seamlessly.

The vessel, which is visiting the island until Wednesday, is on hurricane season patrol. Mounts Bay made its first call on Bermuda in , in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria hitting the Caribbean. Mounts Bay is hugely well-equipped and her crew have the skills to make a real difference in assisting local emergency services in time of crisis. The vessel will also take part in anti-drug operations in the Caribbean later this year with partners in the region.

A British Army general responsible for commissioning more than 1, officers and who wrote the book on military leadership has shared his expertise with the Royal Bermuda Regiment. Major General Patrick Marriott, a former Commandant of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, the training school for British Army officers, visited Warwick Camp while on the island to speak about ethical leadership at a conference organised by asset management firm Schroders.

enter site There will be great rewards when, sadly, they do need to respond to a hurricane. I think the island is very fortunate to have them here. We are pleased that he enjoyed his visit to Warwick Camp and thinks so highly of the RBR and the success of our reorganization. We strive to be a modern, forward-thinking organisation that is focused on preparing ourselves for the challenges that we are likely to face in the future.

He is still a serving soldier in the British Army Reserve. Schroders made ten spots at its conference available to the RBR free of charge. It was also our pleasure to be able to host some of the Royal Bermuda Regiment personnel at our investment conference. The British Government has rejected a parliamentary committee proposal to come up with a timetable for talks that would give British residents in Bermuda the right to vote.

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The FCO does not plan at a future date to publish such a timetable. This will support the OTs in developing publicly accessible registers. The FCO is not currently in a position to lay out detailed timetables for each territory and the timetable for implementing registers in each OT will differ depending on its fiscal position and business model. However, we will do so when this becomes clear. All of the British overseas territories have their own constitutions but, rightly, share a bond with the UK and a pride in their deeply rooted British identities.

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RFA Mounts Bay, a nearft logistics vessel, is scheduled to start a six-month deployment in the Caribbean region to provide rapid assistance in the event of hurricane strikes on UK Overseas Territories. The hurricane season runs from the start of June until the end of November.

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We have a wide skill set, from building bridges, demolishing bridges, laying mines, clearing mines, construction and water supply, which makes us ideally suited for the HADR role. At the end of this, we will be better equipped and with more knowledge, which we can pass on to our soldiers in the future to prepare us for HADR operations at home and overseas. I believe we will definitely work well with them and help them out with HADR capabilities.

But we can help with the general running of operations, the control of situations and how to deal with unexpected problems in a methodical way.