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Stay-at-home mothers typically are faced with some unique considerations in a divorce case. These include:. These are just a handful of the issues that will likely come up in a divorce settlement. Stay-at-home mothers are encouraged to retain legal counsel to help them to secure the most positive outcome in their favor as possible. During the divorce process, and likely after as well, a stay-at-home mom who is separating from her spouse will need to start thinking about life after divorce and how she will manage when she is no longer married.

The earlier that a woman starts thinking about and planning for these things, the better. Things that a stay-at-home mom may encounter during or after divorce include:. In addition to the above, stay-at-home mothers may also be tasked with building new social networks and learning how to live independently. Divorce is always hard, but making a huge lifestyle transition can be even more difficult. Attending counseling or group therapy sessions can be helpful. Of course, some stay-at-home moms want to continue as such, and do not want to reenter the workplace.

This requires a whole separate discussion, and may only be possible based on a large spousal support award. Getting divorced is a complicated endeavor, even with the help of a Tacoma, Washington divorce attorney , and not just because it can be an emotional rollercoaster for divorcing parties, but also because there are various legal elements and financial questions that must be addressed. For divorcing couples, one of the most important things is determining how healthcare amongst the couple will be shared post-divorce, as well as the effects of divorce on programs such as Medicaid.

Especially when the latter is true, when the couple divorces, they may have questions about how each will maintain their health coverage. In addition to the four options listed above, another option that may be available is applying for Medicaid benefits. Keep in mind that because Medicaid eligibility is based on income and resources, equitable distribution in a divorce may affect Medicaid eligibility. For those who do not qualify for Medicaid, the benefit types listed above may be available.

Being left without healthcare post-divorce is the last thing that you want. If you and your spouse are separating, it is best to explore your options and put a plan in place as soon as possible. If you are overwhelmed by the various coverage options and are unsure what will be most affordable for you—especially after a divorce when you are not benefiting from joint income—consulting with a professional is advised.

As you navigate the divorce, you may be asking yourself many things, including whether or not you need to consult with a divorce attorney. While hiring an attorney is a very personal decision, our lawyers at the Alliance Law Group know that the counsel of an attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of your divorce case. There are dozens of reasons to meet with an attorney to discuss your divorce, even if your divorce is uncontested which means that you and your spouse are in agreement about the terms of your divorce. Some top reasons to consult an attorney include:.

It is best to meet with an attorney as early on in the process as possible before you even pick up the paperwork to begin filing for divorce. Having a strategy in place for how you will approach your divorce can provide comfort and peace of mind. However, it is never too late to call an attorney; at the very least, an attorney should review all documents and divorce settlement papers before you sign.

Again, if you have an uncontested divorce, having an attorney on your side who can, at the very least, review a divorce settlement is a good idea. When in doubt about whether or not you need a lawyer, choosing to meet with one for a consultation is always recommended. The first step to being able to afford the representation of a lawyer during your divorce is to ask your divorce attorney what and how they charge. Make sure you get a fee agreement in writing so there are no surprises later on. After you know how much a divorce is going to cost you, approximately, you should start setting aside money immediately.

Evening setting aside a little bit of money every week or month can add up, helping you to be able to afford the services of a qualified attorney. However, you may be able to obtain a court judgment that orders your spouse to reimburse you for some or all of your legal costs.

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Washington State Divorce Laws

In determining whether or not a court should issue such an order, the court will consider whether or not you actually need help paying your legal fees, and if so, whether or not your spouse has the economic means to offer such help. A court will not look favorably on a situation where one spouse is able to afford a highly-skilled attorney while the other one is forced into self-representation because of a lack of financial means. If you are seeking a divorce, working with an experienced Washington divorce attorney is certainly within your best interests, even if your divorce is amicable.

The process begins with an initial consultation, during which an attorney can learn more about your divorce case and the specifics of your situation. After an initial consultation, your divorce attorney should outline a strategy for your case that is based on your preferences, situation, and means. This might mean planning for a collaborative divorce, mediation, or even litigation.

Your attorney will explain each strategy option, as well as steps that will be required along the way. Ensuring that both parties have correct information about the other in a divorce, especially as it pertains to finances, is one of the most important parts of a divorce process.

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Your attorney will manage this process on your behalf, even working with forensic accountants and other experts when necessary. From filing a petition for divorce to answering a petition to submitting a parenting plan to the court and more, there are numerous documents and paperwork that must be created, reviewed, and filed throughout the divorce process. Negotiations can last weeks, and settlement talks may have many back-and-forths.

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If your divorce cannot be settled via mediation and negotiation, the final step in your divorce process will be litigation, where a judge will ultimately issue a decision about the issues in your divorce. Litigation can take months, and is a process in and of itself. Finally, remember that when you are seeking a divorce lawyer, the overall approach that an attorney should take to your case should be thorough and comprehensive.

During your initial consultation, ask for details about the process, and choose a lawyer who is experienced in cases like yours.

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  8. A Guide to Divorce in Washington. Most Important Contributing Factors of Divorce While always challenging, getting a divorce with the help of a Tacoma, Washington divorce lawyer is the right choice for many married couples in Washington. Lack of Commitment The single leading cause cited as a reason for divorce in the United States is a lack of commitment. Communication Problems Another leading factor cited by divorcing couples is poor communication. Marital Infidelity As many people know, marital infidelity is also a major cause of divorce.

    Loss of Passion Many divorcing couples cite loss of passion as a major reason for the end of their marriage. Stress Finally, the stress of life can take a toll on many couples. Every Marriage is Different Ultimately, every relationship has its own characteristics.

    U.S. Waiting Times After a Divorce

    Different Types of Divorce in Washington Not every divorce proceeds in exactly the same manner. Understanding the Difference If you are considering divorce in Washington, you may have heard two different terms used: the dissolution of marriage and legal separation. Separation has a different name. But why does this matter?

    VIDEO Difference between divorce and legal separation in Washington State

    Some people are uncomfortable with the entire concept of divorce along with its perceived finality of a divorce. They may prefer a legal separation for spiritual, religious, or personal reasons. If this applies to you, separation is an option that is available.

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    Ability to get remarried: You cannot get remarried if you only obtain a legal separation. You cannot be married to two people at once, and technically a separation is not a divorce. If you are only separated, you cannot yet get remarried. You will have to convert your separation to a divorce this can be done at any time.

    Insurance issues: In some cases, there may be financial benefits to choosing a legal separation over a divorce. As an example, one partner may be able to remain on an employer-backed health insurance plan if they get separated instead of divorced. Washington Spousal Support Laws: The Basics Spousal support also referred to as alimony or spousal maintenance is financial assistance that is paid by the financially advantaged spouse to their financially disadvantaged partner.

    The most important factors here include: The monthly income of each parent; and The number of children the divorcing couple has together. Factors for Spousal Support A divorcing couple can agree to spousal support payments with the help of a Tacoma, Washington divorce attorney, including the amount and length of payment.

    Factors for Child Support Unlike spousal support, a divorcing couple cannot agree to forego child support. How Division of Property Works in a Washington Divorce Many couples acquire considerable assets while married—homes, cars, investment accounts only being some of the most common. What is Community Property? What Assets Count as Community Property? Can Separate Property be Included? Are Marital Debts Divided? Who Makes Decisions Legal Custody Raising children requires that parents make important decisions involving such as issues as medical care, schooling, and religious upbringing.