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Ventura County Recorder Mark A. During puberty these girls become young women with breasts and hips although they do not begin a menstrual cycle. They do not develop facial hair, larger muscles, deeper voices or any other characteristics of men. As adults they look, in every detailed way, like women. Some may learn after failed attempts to conceive, that they do not have functioning ovaries; others have internal testicles that never fully formed or dropped.

All of them will have the XY chromosomal pairing but because their bodies are resistant to male hormones they only have the physical traits of women.

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Through a myopic and simplistic chromosomal lens these individuals are men even though they have never had any male genitalia or known any life other than one as a female. While the percentage of the population with genetic mutations that impact gender is small, it is estimated to account for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Collectively, all of the individuals who are born with chromosomal, hormonal or physical irregularities impacting accurate sex designation, represent a sizable U. If such individuals have the right to equal protection, to privacy and to use a public restroom, what clear and science-based legal principle can our judiciary employ to determine whether they lawfully used the correct bathroom? Reliance on a birth certificate might appear to be a legitimate method to establish sex.

But birth certificates are surprisingly fluid documents.

They are amended regularly to add or remove parents due to adoption or because DNA results reveal paternity that is inconsistent with the original record. They are also amended to address biology. The parents were initially informed they gave birth to a daughter. I granted their request to modify the birth certificate to designate the child as male. The new birth certificate replaced the original, yet neither was precisely accurate from a biological perspective.

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Dating back to B. If the bill introduced into the California state legislature in January passes, California will be the first state in the U. Neither DOMA nor HB2 reference gay or transgender individuals, but there is little doubt that both laws were designed with those populations in mind. How do I apply for a board, commission, or committee vacancy?

To apply for a board, commission, or committee download the application form and submit it to the City Clerk's Office at San Pablo Avenue. When are City Council meetings televised?

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You can watch City Council meetings live on Cable 28 or watch the rebroadcast Thursday of the same week at noon, and again the following Monday at noon. How do I request copies of public records? How do I register to vote, vote by mail ballot or change my voter registration? Questions regarding voter registration or voting by mail ballots should be directed to the Contra Costa County Election Department in Martinez at How do I obtain a passport?

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El Cerrito Passport Acceptance Office 8. How do I obtain a marriage license or copy of a birth certificate? Marriage licenses and birth certificates are obtained through the Contra Costa County Clerk's Office.