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This admonition is absolutely required and if the enforcement agency has failed to do this, the prosecution must dismiss any refusal allegation. In additional, the admonition must be given in a clear and unambiguous manner. Any ambiguities in the admonition could prove to be fatal to the prosecution's allegation of refusal. For example, warning a suspect that they "may" lose their license, instead of that they "will" lose their license, is considered to be ambiguous and thus fatal to a refusal allegation.

If a DUI suspect has a medical condition which prevents them from submitting to a test, a refusal allegation cannot be upheld against that suspect.

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However, it is important to remember that self-induced conditions, such as voluntary intoxication, do not qualify as an appropriate conditions when considering "incapacitation. Because of the variety of defenses available to people accused of refusing to submit to a chemical test in violation of California Vehicle Code S a and California Vehicle Code S , it is crucial that you have an effective and knowledgeable DUI attorney representing you.

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  5. DUI Assistance.

His hard work on behalf of his clients has led to cases being thrown out or charges being significantly reduced. Home Attorneys Michael E. Kraut, Managing Attorney Robert A. Free Consultation 24 Hour Assistance.

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  6. Reasons DUI Criminal Charges May Be Dismissed Before Trial?

DUI Defenses. DUI Refusal Defenses. Failure to Provide Appropriate Admonition The law enforcement agency conducting the arrest is obligated to advise suspects of the consequences of refusing to submit to a chemical test.

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Incapacitation If a DUI suspect has a medical condition which prevents them from submitting to a test, a refusal allegation cannot be upheld against that suspect. Free Consultation Hour Assistance Submit a Law Firm Client Review. The arrest and prosecution of a DUI case involve specific legal steps that must be followed or the case will fall apart.

The DUI investigation is highly technical with the police officer training playing a major role in whether the case can be prosecuted. The police officer must not only follow all the legal requirements but also he must follow all the scientific requirements during the investigation. In addition, to pull your car over, the police officer must have a reasonable suspicion to start the investigation and a probable cause to arrest you. During the investigation, the police officer will usually take copious notes to build a criminal case against you to prove your guilt.

Often, even slight errors by the police officer during the investigation will help fight your DUI case and get your DUI dismissed. DUI is one of the most common crimes in California , but the punishment for drunk driving while impaired varies greatly depending on several factors. The factors determining DUI punishments include:. The jail time is not often imposed on a first offense DUI.

2. Faulty and Unreliable Breath Tests

Yet, several aggravating factors can cause the prosecutor to ask for jail time. As discussed above, accidents and high blood alcohol level might cause harsher punishment. Defense attorneys can use the following standard strategies and tactics to defend your case at trial or to get a good plea bargaining offer from the prosecutors.

If you are facing jail time or afraid to lose your job or are wrongfully accused after a DUI investigation, you have to call our office.

The factors determining DUI punishments include: the blood alcohol level of the driver at the time of the stop, prior record, whether there was an accident etc. Here are the 5 most common DUI Defense Strategies to negotiate a better deal or defend your case at trial. Unreasonable traffic stop. A police officer needs a reasonable suspicion that a crime took place to pull you over. For example, for a traffic stop, the police officer needs to observe a traffic law violation or to have another reason to approach the vehicle. A valid reason to approach the vehicle can be an observation that someone in the vehicle needs immediate assistance.

Your Chance of Beating DUI Charges

Being stopped at DUI checkpoint can sometimes be very defensible because the checkpoint has a lot of requirement that police does not always follow. Sometimes deviation from court mandate on sobriety checkpoints can be used by DUI attorney to get your case dismissed. This process involves litigating a motion under 4th amendment prohibiting unlawful search and seizure. Failed field sobriety tests. The prosecution usually relies on field sobriety tests very heavily, yet these tests can be very inaccurate and can give false positive results.

For example, some studies show that one leg stands and walk and turn test are often failed by sober people. Moreover, there are far more factors beyond alcohol and drugs which can affect test results. Vertigo, fatigue, using prescribed medications or mouth-washing liquids can make the person look under the influence to even an experienced police officer.