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Containing around 94 million names and vital information of mainly deceased Americans, the SSDI is an extremely large and important data base, especially for geneology enthusiasts. What sort of details are kept? Middle names were not indexed.

Social Security Death Index

Use first and last names only. What period is covered by these records? Most of the birth dates recorded are from the early decades of the last century: to Death dates are mainly from the period to SSDI is a valuable genealogy tool. The SSDI can assist your geneology research by providing data that will help you locate birth certificates and death certificates.

Large genealogy services which offered access to the Social Security Death Index were targeted as helping to perpetuate the fraud related to use of social security numbers for deceased individuals.

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In November , GenealogyBank removed social security numbers from their free U. Social Security Death Index database, after two customers complained their privacy was violated when the Social Security Administration falsely listed them as deceased. Unfortunately, these restrictions weren't the end of the changes to public access to the Social Security Death Index.

Social Security Death Index: Uncovering Hidden Clues - Ancestry

If a beneficiary dies, can I get their benefits? Death Before Approval If your spouse or parent had been the primary earner of income, and had recently become disabled before passing away, you may be able to open a claim for Social Security disability benefits or continue a claim that he or she had started.

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  5. Death After Approval In the event of the death of a SSD benefit beneficiary after the approval of their benefits, his or her spouse or dependent children may be entitled to a one-time Social Security death benefit in a lump sum. If none, A surviving spouse who had not been living with the worker or had met the requirements for SSD benefits during the month of the death.

    If none, Adult children. If none, Parents who had not met the requirements for SSD benefits during the month of the death.

    What is the Social Security Death Index?