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It can also be used to find vacant lots and land owners. To find the address and ownership of a vacant lot, you can follow the same process as above, except when you go to choose your asset type, select from the many land filters in Reonomy.

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Another way to find property owners without an address in Reonomy is to search by the tenant name or tenant type. With a street name and a tenant inputted, you likely will not generate a huge list of results, and can then begin diving into property ownership.

You can then pierce the LLC , to see the real people that sit behind it—including principals, owners, and other decision-makers. That includes the phone numbers, email, and mailing addresses of the real people that may be behind a property-owning LLC. That includes properties under the ownership of an LLC. This can be done using the name of an individual or LLC, as well.

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While Reonomy lets you carry out the process from start to finish, you can also turn to a compilation of other resources that, when combined, allow you to find out who owns a property or land parcel despite not having its address. To find the address of a property or land parcel, you can use Google Maps and local GIS mapping tools. GIS Mapping Tools To find the address of a parcel and perhaps gain a few other insights such as parcel number , you can utilize your local GIS-based mapping tool.

ArcGIS, is an online provider of mapping software, allowing users to customize maps and geographic information. In most U.

The Boston Parcel Viewer , for example, allows you to free roam the map and click on parcels to see the Parcel ID, Address, and even the Recorded Owner, as well as lot size, property values, taxes, and more. The issue with such tools, as you can see in the above screenshot, is that the information being pulled through may not be up-to-date. Despite that, however, mapping tools can still be helpful in giving you more depth than Google Maps. Once you have the address of your property, you can basically carry out an owner search as you would normally—through public records, with Reonomy , or with any of your other go-to online sources.

With the address, APN, and other pieces of information you picked up from mapping tools, you can search your local property or land records, or visit the county clerk in person to inquire about the property and its related documents. No matter what your starting point is, you can always access the owner details and contact information of a property when using Reonomy—with or without an address.

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Your builder would simply connect the lines. Odds are that the lot is for sale — for the right price. How do you find out who owns a vacant property? Related Links: 10 terrible mistakes real estate investors make What your room color says about you Real estate agent commission: The cost of selling property. Related Articles: Worst foreclosure states State foreclosure rankings Remodel home or sell it?

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