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Contact James G. Communities We Serve. Rolling Meadows Courthouse. This building is commonly known as "26th and California. However, Cook County also has 5 more District Courthouses that handle criminal cases for the cities, towns, and Villages that are located outside of Chicago. This facility is commonly known as the "Skokie Courthouse" or "Old Orchard. This facility is commonly known as "Rolling Meadows. This facility is known as "Maywood.

This facility is commonly known as "Bridgeview. This facility is known as "Markham.

If you are arrested for a felony in any of the municipalities covered by the Third Municipal District Courthouse in Rolling Meadows, you will be brought to the Rolling Meadows Courthouse for a Bond Hearing in Room at If the Judge grants you an I-Bond, which does not require the posting of any money to be released, the paperwork will be prepared by the Clerk and you will be released from custody at the Rolling Meadows Courthouse. If the Judge sets a Cash Bond, which is commonly called a "D-Bond", you can post the cash at the Rolling Meadows Courthouse and you will be released directly from the Courthouse.

If Bond is posted at Cook County Jail, you will be released from the jail.

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If Bond is not posted, you will remain in custody at the Cook County Jail until the case is finished. Court Forms Each of the Divisions provides access to official court forms. Legal Services Information Information regarding free and reduced cost legal services can be obtained in each District. All locations have office hours of a.

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In the event of a bona fide emergency a life is in immediate danger , a petition for an emergency order of protection may be filed at any suburban courthouse. If it is not an emergency, a regular order of protection may also be filed at the courthouse. Depending on where the ticket was issued, the courtroom is assigned based upon the police agency involved.

The defendant or a representative must appear in court on the date of your summons. If a representative appears, that person must explain why the defendant cannot appear and request a continuance. Otherwise, the date must be advanced through the motion court of the specific district court in question requesting that the judge change the date. A motion to advance cannot be filed in a case involving an accident. The petition to expunge must be filed in the courthouse where the arrest was originally handled.

Form CCG contains the complete fee schedule.

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A garnishment is an order issued from a court to withhold wages, credit, or other properties usually held by a third party associated with the debtor involved in a lawsuit. A will can be filed in the Civil Department of any of the listed suburban locations, or in the Probate Division, located on the 12th Floor of the Richard J. An appeal can be filed within the district location in which your case was tried. If you have a disability that you believe may be affecting your access to our services and programs, please contact our ADA Coordinator Patience Keys, at 50 W.

Washington Room , Chicago, IL , telephone number The new Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County website features a streamlined format that is easier to use and includes an improved court case search function that enables users to find pertinent information easily and efficiently. Click here to test drive our new website.

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Fakhoury, LLC. Rolling Meadows Office. Frequently Asked Questions. Skokie Rolling Meadows Chicago. Matt Fakhoury J. But what is your arrest record, and where do you get it?

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