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Oregon Courts Record Check: This criminal courts background record record search includes This dataset contains traffic, misdemeanor and felony records from the Oregon Administration of Courts.

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Data may include first, middle, and last names, partial date of birth, physical description, charge, filing date, disposition, status, and additional information. This dataset is updated quarterly.

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Oregon Judicial Information Network Criminal Data: Information returned contains court records of felony and misdemeanor dispositions. Requests are searched individually for current information from the Oregon Judicial System.

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Every record request is conducted statewide. This data may include: offense charged, offense date, offense level, disposition date, defendant full name, and date of birth, and sentence information. This dataset was last updated December Oregon Corrections Report Background Search: This corrections report check includes This dataset includes current and historical felony and gross misdemeanor conviction records.

This data may include: name, alias names, date of birth, state identification number, physical description, county case number, county, charge or charges, sentence and disposition. This dataset is updated monthly. This data may include: offense charged, offense date, offense level, disposition date, defendant full name, sentence, and additional information. Establishing Paternity.

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