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The documents are from cases in federal jurisdictions such as the U. Supreme Court, Court of Federal Claims, all federal circuit, district and bankruptcy courts as well as state courts at the supreme, appeals, superior and circuit court levels.

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Some miscellaneous jurisdictions are also covered. These sources cover an array of practice areas including labor and employment, complex litigation, intellectual property, real estate, commercial law, insurance and products liability plus a continually-expanding range of expert witness-related content.

These words are: All, also, am, an, any, are, as, at, be, because, been, could, did, do, does, e. Note: Including a stop word as part of a quoted phrase may allow it to be found successfully.

Apostrophes A term with an apostrophe single quote, ' does not match the term without an apostrophe. Hyphens are dropped.

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Example: part-time is searched as part time. To search for a phrase, a proper name, or a set of words in a specific order, use double quotes. Example: "John Smith". When you start a new search, the search engine automatically detects whether or not your search correctly uses any of the supported Lexis Terms and Connectors ; if so, your search is evaluated according to the Lexis rules.

If none of the supported Lexis Terms and Connectors are detected, your search is evaluated according to rules for the supported Common-Search-Engine-Style Operators. Use the OR connector to find documents that contain either or both of the terms or phrases linked by OR. Use the OR connector to link search terms that are synonyms, antonyms, alternative spellings, or abbreviations.

Note: The search engine looks for the words or phrases linked by the OR connector, not for the word "or" itself. Use this connector when a different word order would change the meaning. The following search finds documents where the term "trust" occurs but the word "charitable" does not: trust and not charitable. Because the exclusion covers the entire result docket or document , a result would be excluded if the term "charitable" appears anywhere in the document.

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Therefore, even if "charitable" is used as a term of distinction in a document, the document would not be included in the search engine results. For example, a document that includes the phrase "this is not a charitable trust" would not be returned, even though that is the type of trust you want information about.

Here, for example, is how you can find a death certificate:. Get the death place and date information from an index first see resources above for this.

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Scroll to the bottom of this big list of birth and death certificates to find the INDEX for your time frame and open it. Click back to get to the main list of all the birth and death certificates and choose the year and index range for your person, and click. The index number you may find in the state -level California Death Index will not correspond with these death certificates because these are county -level; you need to use the index number found in this data set.

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For persons you find in the California Birth Index and California Death Index , you can order a copy of the death certificate via ancestry. Just go to Ancestry. In , confidential marriages became an option in addition to conventional marriages.

Confidential marriage records are available only to the spouses or by court order and cannot be searched using the marriage indexes. See the website above for forms and complete information about fees, procedure, and processing times.