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I only recommend going for this one if you didn't have storage space early on in Los Santos or if you are that type of person who just likes a challenge and going for the harder counterpart of the same Special Vehicle. The reason why this one is so hard is because of the Triads in Chinatown wielding AK's. I've never obtained this specific Sentinel, so just watch the Video for more guidance. How to Obtain: This is easy to get. Activate the Mission Lure for Woozie. Drive the Rancher all the way to Angel Pine and drive into the red marker. Simply turn around and go to the Beach to ditch the Rancher in the water to fail the Mission.

Now just push it out of the water using CJ's body, and then drive it to a Garage. How to Obtain: This AP Maverick is quite useless to get simply cuz there is one that is much less time consuming later on to obtain in a Las Venturas Mission. I added this one into the Guide simply for the sake of completion.

I've never obtained it before, so I can't exactly explain the method very well. You need to use an undrowning zone, though, to get CJ walking on the ocean floor so you can push the AP Maverick out of the Ocean and fly it back to a Garage. Also note that in the Video for Part 3, it cuts off once the Maverick is inside the Garage, yet, the Mission has not been passed or failed yet. Once it's stored in the Garage, just go back to the Boat and complete the Mission and confirm the Maverick in the Garage after you pass it.

How to Obtain: This is simple. Start the Mission Outrider and drive to the Washington parked at the gas station. A cutscene will take place and you will be driving the Washington. Next drive to the red marker which is located at this Rumpo a bit up the road.

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Simply grab the Sniper Rifle that is supplied for you, and snipe the driver out of the Rumpo. The Mission will fail and the Rumpo is all yours. Just take it to a Garage. It can move any Vehicle out of the way with ease.

Everyone should be able to pull this off as it's simple. Start the Mission like normal and then drive to the Pleasure Dome. At this point, unlike the Video, just grab a Black Stretch and take it back to a Garage. Now go back to the Pleasure Dome and push Jizzy's Broadway into the water. Chase him down and kill him. Retrieve the Phone and now the Mission is passed.

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The reason you have to kill yourself for this is cuz there is no other way to fail the Mission. No matter what you do, other than killing yourself, the Mission can never fail. What you want to do is start the Mission, then drive to the Airport and grab a Maverick. Fly to the near-by roof as depicted in the Video. I've obtained this in minutes in the past, but there has been times it has taken up to minutes.

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It's very easy to get, but takes a while to shoot it off the Helipad. Once you shoot it off the Helipad, jump off the building to the side so you don't activate the cutscene. Get it inside the Garage by using another Vehicle to push it inside. Now simply aim an RPG or something at the ground and blow yourself up to commit Suicide and fail the Mission. How to Obtain: This is simple to get.

see url Now start the Mission. Go to the location and shoot the few guys attacking you. Start climbing the stairs to the Helicopter. At this point, a cutscene will play with Toreno leaving in the Maverick. Once the cutscene stops, quickly aim the RPG at the Maverick and fire a few rockets to blow it up. Just take it after you pass the Mission and store it in the Garage. It was uploaded to Youtube on Christmas Day. This is a massive discovery, too.

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To obtain this start Interdiction like normal. Get to the point where you need to protect the Leviathan. What you want to try and do is destroy the Black Mavericks with a Minigun as soon as possible. Once you do that, shoot the Leviathan yourself so the health of it goes down very low. After that, pull out the AK and shoot the Leviathan just a tiny bit more so it drops to the level as shown in the Video.

By doing this, the Leviathan will force land, similar to the Black Mavericks from the same Mission as depicted in 6. Unlike the Black Mavericks, once the DP Leviathan lands, you will be able to just jack it and fly away with it. At this point, take it to a Garage that has some space free or the San Fierro Impound like shown in the Video and you will need to blow it up to fail the Mission and then let the Garage or Impound renew it.

There you have it, a DP Leviathan in your collection. Really cool stuff! How to Obtain: This one is quite challenging to obtain, especially since it has no immunities and is just an EC Vehicle. Now, grab your Tow Truck and go into the red marker to start Interdiction. Make your way up to the top of the mountain in the Desert.

Once you get yourself and the Tow Truck to the top, park it next to the red marker and get out on foot and go into the red marker on foot. After the cutscene, get ready! It's time to equipped your Minigun and only shoot the Black Mavericks a little bit. What you are trying to do is force land one of these Helicopters so you can steal it after this part of the Mission. Unfortunately, even if a Black Maverick lands, CJ won't be able to jack it. Even if you hit the button to jack it, CJ won't even acknowledge this is a Vehicle.

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The only way to get this is by towing it. Where you see it land in the Video is where I recommend trying to land one. That seems to be the only spot where they can land safely and then remain after the cutscene when the Leviathan flies away to drop the package. Once the cutscene plays and finishes, get in your Tow Truck and go to the Black Maverick and hook it up.

Once hooked up, remain calm and don't try to even move. Wait until 1 of the 2 stars from the wanted level disappears on its own. Once 1 of the stars is gone, tow the Black Maverick to the next location to pick up the package. It's really tedious cuz traffic likes to bump off the Maverick from the Tow Truck and then it will blow up and you need to do all of this over again. It's also pretty tedious since the lay of the land is very bumpy and uneven, especially at the Verdant Meadows area where you pick up the package as seen in the Video posted below. Once you get the package and get back in your Tow Truck, take the package back to Las Brujas to pass the Mission.

Now comes the worst part of all. After the Mission is passed, a lot of traffic will spawn again, unlike during the Mission. But remember when driving to the Airstrip to be careful of other drivers. Seriously, they are incredibly bad when it comes to this Maverick and they love ramming you from behind which knocks off the Maverick and most times than not, it'll explode and blow up and you will have to start all over.

This may take you numerous attempts, but it's worth it. This shiny new Black Maverick is a must have! How to Obtain: This is a very tiring Special Vehicle to obtain.