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The Fortune Society says in the suit that Macy's often violates the rights of black and Latino people outlined by the U. The EEOC and New York City law specify that employers may only consider criminal records if the conviction would hinder a potential employee's ability to do the specific job they are seeking, according to the suit. Black and Latino people are disproportionately affected by the "overbroad and unduly rigid criminal history screening policies" at Macy's because those groups are more likely to be incarcerated than white people "because of racial profiling and other discriminatory policies and practices in the criminal justice system," according to the suit, which cites multiple reports and studies.

The retail giant's "employment policies and practices frustrate Fortune's mission and impact Fortune's resources. Employers are also required under New York City human rights law to consider the time that has elapsed since an offense, the age of the person when the crime was committed and the seriousness of the charge.

Macy's is violating the state law, the suit said. Macy's is also ignoring guidelines in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which is federal law, by failing to provide potential and fired employees with their background checks, thereby denying them the opportunity to explain the specifics of a conviction, the suit alleges. In a statement, Shawn Outler, the chief diversity officer at Macy's, said company policy prohibits her from commenting on pending litigation, but she said applicants to certain roles "are required to complete third-party background screening.

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  • The Fortune Society hits Macy's Inc. with suit for denying jobs to people with criminal records.
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She added that 60 percent of company employees are "ethnic minorities," and about 75 percent are women. Rolfer said in a statement that she was "excited" to begin her job at Macy's, but "was devastated to be fired over information in my background check that is unrelated to my ability to be a productive employee.

How is it to work at Macy´s as a seasonal employee?

The Fortune Society is seeking equal opportunity for its participants to get jobs and promotions at Macy's, while Rolfer is seeking monetary and other relief for the violation of her rights, the suit said. The law firms representing Rolfer also represent former Macy's employees and applicants who couldn't join the lawsuit because they signed contracts forbidding them from going to court over alleged rights violations, and instead require them to settle disputes internally in non-public mediations, according to the Fortune Society.

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What is your policy on hiring convicted felons? For a sales associate, they only cared if the crime was theft related.


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Answer See 18 answers. If you accepted an offer for Macy's on the interview and you have a felon does that mean you have the job? I'm scheduled for training tomorrow a two day process. Macys does hire felons, you start working and once your background comes back HR will ask you more details about, as long as it is not thief related you are usually fine, just be honest Answered November 11, Answer See 10 answers.

What Is Included in a Background Check?

I was hired on the same day as my interview. Started training the next, and did all new hire paperwork. Does that mean I have completed the background check.

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How long does their Background Check take Asked October 29, Answer See 9 answers. Does Macys check your credit history as part of their background check on new employees? Unsure, I wasn't aware of if they did that or not Answered June 13, Answer See 8 answers.

Does Macy’s Run Background Checks? - pranicak.tk

Does Macy's check your credit history as part of their background check? Yes, They do background check. What background checks do you check Asked September 14, Criminal backgrounds Answered February 11, Do they do additional background checks for promotions? Yes they do Answered December 1, I had an interview and was hired that same day. I did the little information to get the email for consent to get a background check.

My question is how long does it take for the background check to get through? I really want to start working. About one to two weeks.