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For example, you might use one website for locating death records and another for birth records, but some public records include both. Below are the top free ways to find public records depending on the type of information you're after.

Vital Statistics

These resources only cover publicly available records, meaning that they're only what's been made available online. Some public records aren't released online and must be accessed through your local records office.

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Sometimes, information you find through these public records resources aren't true or even remotely accurate, so you can't always rely on what you see. If your public records search is aimed toward finding what's publicly available on a specific person, use a people search engine.

You can type a name and location to see more information about the person, like their phone numbers, email addresses , usernames, physical addresses, relatives, education history, and more. TruePeopleSearch is an example of a free website for finding people online , but others that cost, like BeenVerified , are sometimes more exhaustive. You can remove your own information from these websites if you wish to.

You might have luck using a people search engine to find criminal records BeenVerified does a good job at listed those records , but you can also search for criminals with a prison inmate locator such as the one available at Federal Bureau of Prisons. Family Watchdog is a good public records finder if you're looking for sex offenders in your area. You can search by location or school to find nearby sex offenders, or find a specific criminal via name.

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Online newspapers are considered public records, too, and they're updated frequently to include recent criminal reports. Obituaries that are listed online is another way to search public records on the web.

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The Archives also holds microfilm copies of births from , marriages from and deaths from These materials are available for in-person use only. Visit the Center for Health Statistics web page for statistical information on vital events in New Jersey. Please note, New Jersey law protects and restricts the release of vital records. Vital records are not public records and cannot be searched online. Online Requests. Check the Status of a Request.

Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

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