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The Senate bill never received a committee hearing. The House version was passed through the House Committee on Corrections, but only after a complete overhaul that included removing the creation of an independent ombudsman. Johnson said, for the session, he's adjusted his approach and has made the bill a top priority for his legislative agenda.

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Miles and Johnson filed the bills early for this upcoming session, unlike in when they waited until session had already started. And the Democrats picked up 12 additional seats in the house , potentially providing a little more blue oomph for the bill. Advocacy groups also said that they are optimistic that the timing is right for the idea, since the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has endured a difficult year in the public eye. The Houston Chronicle reported in February that suicide attempts in Texas prisons have more than doubled in the last four years.

And over the summer, the agency faced a scandal over a short-lived quota system in which prison officers were punished if they didn't hand out enough disciplinary measures. Four prison workers were indicted in the fallout from that scandal on allegations that they planted a screwdriver in an inmate's cell.

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Then there are the stories of gross understaffing at Telford prison, claims of guards ignoring sexual and physical abuse of inmates, prisoners resorting to eating pureed food because they're regularly denied dentures , and an incident of aggravated assault by a guard that led to a prisoner's death. The advocates point to how an independent ombudsman's office was created at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department in —which Miles played an instrumental role in creating as a House member—after news broke of sexual abuse incidents at that agency.

But challenges persist. The bills' authors would still need to address how much the legislation would cost the state if one version passed. Johnson said that his office is working on those numbers, but that his bill will ultimately save money by reducing the number of lawsuits filed against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

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Jeremy Desel, director of communications for TDCJ, said the agency doesn't take positions on proposed legislation, but that the department "will continue to be a resource and provide information on oversight that is already in place and any other aspects of agency operations requested by the Legislature. But the chair of the House committee that will likely hear the legislation remains noncommittal.

State Representative James White R-Hilliser who presides over the House Committee on Corrections, said he and his colleagues will need to determine whether the creation of an independent ombudsman would be more effective than how the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is currently conducting oversight. The Legislature shouldn't simply be "punting" an issue from one entity to another, he said. Department Leadership Team Dr.

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  • Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology is a national leader in criminal justice and criminology research and education. Our Department offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs and each one helps prepare students for the jobs they will begin immediately after graduation and for long-term success. Students gain valuable experiences outside of the classroom through our many student organizations, our exceptional internship opportunities, and opportunities to collaborate with faculty. Our on-line graduate degree programs are rigorous and serve a diverse audience of current and future criminal justice practitioners. In , U. News and World Report ranked our on-line degree programs 3 in the United States.

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  2. Inside the Effort to Install Independent Oversight of the Texas Criminal Justice System.
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  5. Come study and collaborate with one of the leading groups of scholars in the United States. Our faculty have teaching and research expertise in victimology, criminology, policing, corrections, and legal issues.

    Administrative Review and Risk Management

    Jay Coons earned his Ph. His expertise is in police leadership, management, and use of force. Two new faculty members joined our Department in the Fall semester: Dr. Andia Azimi earned her PH.

    Another Texas Department of Criminal Justice Employee Fired Over Inmate's Arcade Comeaux Escape

    Professor Azimi's expertise is in sexual victimization, child maltreatment, and consequences of experiencing victimization. Jason Ingram earned his Ph. Professor Ingram's research interests include police culture, use of force policy and practice, and police supervision.