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Field-test teachers received two to three days of professional development before teaching the curriculum and providing feedback used for revision of the curriculum. The project has been disseminated to over teachers through awareness workshops at state, regional, and national science teacher conferences. Similar records in OSTI.

GOV collections:. Full Record Other Related Research. Abstract The Lawrence Hall of Science of the University of California, Berkeley has collaborated with scientists and engineers, a local transit agency, school districts, and a commercial curriculum publisher to develop, field-test nationally, and publish a two-week curriculum module on hydrogen and fuel cells for high school science.

Nagle, Barbara. Enormous amounts of shares were traded daily by FuelCell Energy — on some days up to million computer arbitrage programs?

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These were felt more than there actually are reason: Conversion of preference shares. The interim price gain resembled an explosion, as there were even short-term prices of 1. In the middle of the summer break, Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier announced what the hydrogen and fuel cell industry has been waiting for for many years: a hydrogen strategy for Germany. In , exactly 50 years ago, some young visionaries enthusiastic about technology organised the first Electric Vehicle Symposium. Accordingly, the EVS32 was dignifiedly celebrated from 9 to 12 May in Lyon in the presence of the now elderly but still dynamic founding members.

On 10 June , a hydrogen filling station in Norway caught fire.

While several media talked about an explosion, the electrolyzer manufacturer involved, Nel, stated that leaked hydrogen gas caught fire in the open air, causing a shock wave. According to police reports, two people were slightly injured in this incident in Sandvika, west of Oslo, when the airbags of their cars deployed. After initial tests, it was said a few days later that hydrogen had escaped through a leak in the high-pressure storage system and had ignited.

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