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If you do not receive such notification within two weeks of submitting your fingerprints, you may assume that there were no results contained in the background check that would negatively impact your ability to be certified or recertified as an EMT by DHEC.

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Skip to main content. Home Health Regulation Current Page. Criminal Background Check: Register. Select English or Spanish. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the application and make an appointment. Print your confirmation and put it with your printed application.

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Step 3: Bring these items to your appointment at IBT: A valid South Carolina driver's license or South Carolina identification card If you have an out of state driver's license, you must bring two secondary forms of identification such as: Social Security Card, passport, birth certificate, marriage license, U. The fee Step 4: At your appointment, you will complete the fingerprint process, pay the fee, and receive a receipt.

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The state also offers pre-trial interventions for some non-violent, first-time offenders as well as alcohol and traffic education programs that, if successfully completed, can help offenders avoid convictions and clear their records of any arrests. The most significant change in the new law, Hudson said, is the expansion of expungement eligibility to first-offense convictions for possession with the intent to distribute. Supporters of that provision note a person must be crime free for a long time — 20 years — to be eligible for expungement on the possession with the intent to distribute convictions.

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Allowing multiple convictions that arise out of the same criminal act to be expunged also sets a bad precedent, she said. Former inmates get jobs all the time, she said. Still, he hopes the changes can help others. One reason is logistics, said Republican state House Speaker Pro Tempore Tommy Pope, a York attorney, former prosecutor and the primary sponsor of the recent expansion of the expungement law. Proposals sponsored by state House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford, D-Richland, would retroactively make pardon recipients eligible for expungements.

The Columbia defense attorney says he wants to sue the state on grounds that it should have been granting expungements to pardon recipients all along. He says the intent of the law was to restore all rights with a pardon.

South Carolina Criminal Records

In the meantime, the state could give judges more leeway in granting pardons and expungements conditionally at sentencing. For example, a judge could promise an offender that his record will be cleared if he completes his sentence and lives crime free for a set number of years. That approach would cut down on the number of applicants seeking pardons from the state, he said. The state already is pretty generous is forgiving and forgetting criminal records, said state Sen.

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Greg Hembree, R-Horry, and another former solicitor. Hembree said he would consider adding additional convictions to the expungement list later — maybe some crimes could be added to the year wait list — but he wants to see the new law in action for awhile.

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  7. Outright clearing criminal records, however, is likely a no go, he said. I would be looking at cases harder. How far should South Carolina go in making it easier to hide criminal records from public?

    Famed South Carolina Civil Rights Protesters Criminal Records Erased 54 Years Later

    Jamie Self The State. Jerry Blassingame poses for a portrait inside of an abandoned house on Greenville's westside.

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