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Are you ready to begin the process of filing for divorce so you can move on with your life? If so, contact a qualified Delaware divorce attorney who can represent you throughout this process. We can advocate for your best interests while we navigate the process of legally ending your marriage.

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When you get a marriage annulled, you are effectively erasing the marriage from existence, meaning you were never really married in the first place. This refers to the number of days that have passed since the grounds for an annulment became known. Although annulments are rare in Delaware, there are many instances when a marriage could be annulled under the right circumstances. Some of the better-known instances in which an annulment would be appropriate include if one or the both of you were intoxicated at the time of the marriage or you or your spouse were underage and legally unable to consent.

Before you can become divorced in Delaware, you must be legally separated for a minimum of six months.

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You must be living apart and not engaging in sexual activity with your spouse for your situation to be considered a legal separation. However, if you were filing for divorce on the grounds of misconduct, you are not required to wait six months.

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We must be prepared to prove misconduct on the part of your spouse for this to be approved. An example of misconduct could be adultery or abuse. After the six-month legal separation has passed, you can move forward with the divorce by filing a court petition in the county in which you reside.

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There are two different types of divorce in Delaware: contested and uncontested. In a contested divorce, the person who is answering the petition you filed will be challenging the information in the divorce papers. If this happens, you can expect to attend a hearing, in which both sides will speak in front of a judge. If your divorce is uncontested, it means that the answering party has either not responded to the papers within the twenty-day time period or he or she is agreeing to the terms of the divorce papers you sent.

The court will then grant your request for the divorce. We handle a variety of Family Law matters. Contact us today.

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Nordheimer, Esquire, LLC, provides legal representation for the entire state of Delaware in the areas of estate planning, estate and trust litigation and administration, probate and family law. Since these areas of law concern most everything that is important in an individual's life, we take the time to present our clients with all options in their matter so that Lawyers meeting your needs through divorce representation.

Click here or call today for help. To that end, our law firm provides caring and personalized representation to individuals and families throughout the state who are dealing with serious and Your Divorce needs are important. Click here or call today for help from an experienced Family Law attorney. Attorneys Andrew D. Rahaim and Sheldon S. Since the founding of our firm in , we have worked to build a reputation as a leader in New Castle County and throughout the state of Delaware. Thanks to our diligence and dedication to providing personalized service, clients from throughout the state turn to us for Thanks to their hard work, our firm has expanded, and we now have two office locations, including our law office in Wilmington, that allow us to better serve the residents of New Castle County and the surrounding areas With offices throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware, MacElree Harvey is a full-service law firm focused on corporate and commercial law, complex litigation and arbitration, real estate finance and tax law, estate planning, family law, labor and employment law, business and corporate law, corporate compliance and criminal defense, federal and white collar crimes, personal injury law and trademark and Call today for the very best in personal legal representation.

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You've come to the right place. If you are considering an annulment, legal separation, or divorce, a divorce lawyer can help. Use FindLaw to hire a local divorce lawyer near you to work with you on issues like community property division, debt allocation, child custody and support, alimony, and tax considerations.

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Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning. Whenever the court must resolve disputed custody, it uses the best interests of the child standard and considers the wishes of the child's parents as to his or her living arrangements, the wishes of the child, the interaction of the child with siblings, grandparents, or other members of the family, the child's adjustment to his or her home, school, and community, the emotional and physical health of the entire family and evidence of domestic violence on the child, other family members, or anyone else.

Delaware divorce law requires a pure "equitable distribution" of the property. Marital conduct is not a factor. Equitable does not mean equal, but rather what is fair for both parties. In dividing property, the court considers the length of the marriage, the needs of each of the parties, the age, health, occupation, and employability of each party, whether the property was acquired by gift, the debts of the parties and the value of allowing the children to remain in the family home.

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