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Florida law only requires a judge to wait 20 days from the time a divorce petition is filed to grant a divorce, and even this waiting period may be waived. This means that the length of time it takes to get divorced in Florida depends largely on whether your divorce is contested or uncontested.

Please see our divorce process page for more information. To learn how we can help in your specific situation, please contact Sandra Bonfiglio, P. By providing sympathetic counsel, aggressive representation and practical advice, we aim to give clients peace of mind and real solutions.

There is no obligation and your first 15 minutes are free, let our Fort Lauderdale family attorneys help. While Florida has a law that provides for grandparents' rights, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled in multiple decisions that the law violates a parent's right to decide which associations are in the best interests of his or her children. We have been doing this for years and know all the situations, let us help.

All rights reserved. Credentials First of all, it is important to hire a lawyer who has demonstrated expertise in the area of family law, including divorce, custody, alimony and property division issues. Approach It is important to consider how the lawyer will approach your case and you as a client. Working Relationship When it comes to family law matters, a close working relationship between you and your lawyer is essential.

What rights do grandparents have in Florida? Is there legal separation in Florida? How do I file for divorce in Florida with children? How can I get temporary custody of a child in Florida?

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How do I file for joint custody in Florida? How can I get full custody of my child in Florida? How can I get visitation rights in Florida? How can I modify child support in Florida?

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How can I enforce child support in Florida? How long does divorce take in Florida? How can I learn more? The Law Office of Donna C. Hung, P. The Law Office of Mercedes R. Wechsler, P.

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Established in , the firm focuses on family law and probate issues, including complex cases involving marital fraud, hidden assets, and parental kidnapping. The Law Office of Natalie D. Hall, PA is based in Orlando and provides services in the areas of criminal defense, immigration law, and family law.

Hall has been practicing law in Florida for more than 10 years and is certified in collaborative divorce, which emphasizes non-adversarial tactics. The firm provides free initial consultations and stays open on weekends. The Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.

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He takes on domestic violence cases in addition to standard family law and divorce cases involving child custody and distribution of property. The Llabona Law Group is a family and divorce law firm based in Orlando since , with a satellite office in Kissimmee. The attorneys and staff of the firm all speak both English and Spanish and are competent in dealing with multicultural families. The family law services provided range from uncontested divorce to relocation of children and emergency custody.

He handles cases stemming from accidents caused by automobiles, drunk driving, bicycles, motorcycles, and tractor trailers, in addition to injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning, dog bites, hospital infections, and product and premises liability. John Overchuck also represents clients with wrongful death cases, hurt in slip and fall accidents, and sick from pharmacy errors. For all potential clients, The Overchuck Law provides a free consultation to evaluate the specifics of a case.

The firm takes on everything from routine divorces to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and is inclusive of same-sex marriages. The Wilson Law Firm, P. Family law services available include military divorce, relocations, and temporary injunctions.

Green in and serves the Orlando area. Attorney Green has also handled numerous personal injury cases, including slip and falls, premises liability, dog bites, and auto accidents.

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Established in , the firm focuses entirely on family law, offering a wide variety of services that include complex property division, collaborative law and mediation. William S. Foley, P. Foley has 10 years of legal experience in Florida and provides a varied selection of family law services, including complex divorce litigation, name changes and enforcement of alimony decrees. Tampa, FL Jim Mullaney knows the law and will help you reach a resolution as quickly as possible, which is good for you, your family, and your wallet.

For the best family law help in Jacksonville, FL, call A. James Mullaney. The quick answer is "yes. Your credit score is not automatically affected by your divorce. The Clerk of Court does not notify the credit bureaus that you are no longer married. Your credit score is hurt when your … [Read more]. Florida law has long required divorcing couple with children to attend a "Parent Education and Family Stabilization" class aimed at educating the parents about the special challenges that await children of those divorcing couples.

Parents involved in … [Read more]. Over the last few years, there have been various attempts to "reform" Florida alimony laws.