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Two documents to verify that the child has been using the name requested. Suggested documents for above changes both documents specified in a. A completed application to change a Michigan birth record. Please send original medical affidavit. Photocopies are not accepted. If child is over the age of one 1 the parent or applicant must submit:. Q: I have discovered that the sex stated on my birth certificate is incorrect.

How do I change the sex on a Michigan birth record that was recorded incorrectly at time of birth? Suggested documents for above changes:. If the recorded sex needs to be changed because of sexual ambiguity at birth, as documented by the medical record, the original birth registration or the attendant at the birth of the child:.


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A completed application to change a Michigan Birth Record. Q: How do I change the sex on my Michigan birth record following sex reassignment? If the physician does not designate the name to be changed at the time you submit the application, it can be done by court order. Q: The birth date is incorrect on my birth record. What documentation do I need in order to change this?

Two documents dated at least five 5 years prior to the date of application that list the correct birthdate. The place of birth is incorrect on my birth record. What do I need to change this? A document from the facility where the birth occurred. Q: I am adopting or have adopted a foreign born child. A: Contact the probate court in the county where you reside for assistance.

HOW TO: Change Your Name & Gender (Birth Certificate)

Q: I am adopting or plan to adopt a child born in Michigan. What do I need to do to register the adoption with Michigan? A: The court where the adoption took place should mail the adoption order to:. Vital Records Changes P.

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Box Lansing , MI The fee includes one 1 certified copy of the new vital record. A: You cannot register the adoption in Michigan if the child was born in another state or Canada. The adoption order should be sent to the child's place of birth.

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The court will normally handle that for you. When you need to order a birth record, you would then need to order your child's record in the child's state of birth. Q: The parent's information on my birth certificate is incorrect. How do I correct the parent's information on the Michigan birth record does not include adding or removing parent's name? Q: How do I change the recorded race of the parents named on a birth record? The parent's race was recorded from on Michigan birth records and currently has been eliminated from the printed birth certificate that you would receive.

If you choose to have your birth record changed to reflect the race, it can be typed in the amendment area. If there are any further questions not covered in the FAQ's regarding changing information on a Michigan birth record, please contact the Changes Unit at Tweets by MichiganHHS. Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site.

Some functions of this site are disabled for browsers blocking jQuery. For any request except a legal name change, a change to a registered birth record may be requested by: The parent s named on the record. A parent not named on the record for the purpose of adding the name to the record. Legal guardian of the child named on the record. Court order required The child named on the record, if 18 years of age or older. An heir to the child named on record, if the child and parents on record are deceased. Individual or facility administrator responsible for filling out the original certificate.

A legal, licensed representative of any of the individuals listed above. A request for a legal name change court order to change the individual's name on a registered birth record may be requested by: The parent s named on the record for a child under 18 years of age.

NC Vital Records: Change a Record

When this is the case, it is possible to have missing information added, or to have errors on the certificate corrected. There is a fee for an amendment. A person who wishes to legally change his or her name must contact the Register of Probate at 30 Spring Street, Nashua, NH for further information.

Birth certificate amendments are made for the purpose of correcting a record only! Ordinarily, this will be the person whose certificate needs to be completed or corrected, one of the parents, or the legal representative of the individual.

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Special Form There is a special form used for the purpose of applying to amend a certificate. The application must be completed in triplicate and be signed by the person who is applying to amend the record.

The signature must be notarized. The applicant will also need to submit evidence to substantiate the statements. Documents used as evidence will be returned to the applicant after the certificate is amended.